Blastomancer: The Puzzle Game


Genre: Puzzle, Logic, Memory Game
Platform: Android
Price: Free

Download (Google Play)


Release Date: October 1’st, 2020
Developer: Victor Moldoveanu (zmvtest.com)
Website: blastomancer.com
Twitter: twitter.com/blastomancer
Discord: discord.gg/2pnfsFg

The Game

Blastomancer is a free 2D puzzle mobile game featuring a fun, playful story and a cartoony art style to match. Defeat the evil Distortions that are invading the universe using a variety of different bombs, meet fun characters and talkative bosses across unique worlds, and look good while you’re at it by customizing your character with heaps of cool items from the Style Shop that unlock as you progress on your adventure.

The Hero

Returning after his journeys to who knows where, our hero finds his world and himself in the middle of an invasion by Distortions from a different dimension. Being too ancient to defend the galaxy from invaders as he has always been doing, Doolius Fillias, Grandmaster Blaster of the Order of Blastomancy, picks our hero as his apprentice and decides to pass on his ancient knowledge of blowing things up without any much thought.

the invaders

Every once in a while Distortions open up portals to random worlds and pour into them. Although rather harmless at first, they prove to be rather annoying and hard to get rid of. Why do they do it? No one really knows. What’s for sure is that they come in numbers, take the shape of what’s around them and the only way to send them back is by blowing them up really good.

the ammo

The Order of Blastomancy, tasked with the very important mission of defending the world from Distortions, has developed since ancient times a unique arsenal of bombs to fight them off. The drawback is that, with everyone there being very very very old, bomb production has come to a halt and the stocks are limited.

the challenge

Using his vast experience in fighting Distortions in the past, Doolius counted their ranks, looked at the bombs in stock, did the math, and realized the numbers don’t add up.

Therefore our hero has to give it a lot of thought on how to use the bombs that are given to him each challenge. Their stocks are limited and who knows when, or if, production at the Order will ever resume.

Time for you to get your hands dirty, sharpen your wits and become the next great Blastomancer!



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