If you are encountering any technical issue with the game, please note that I cannot help you in an extensive way via the Google Play review reply because it is limited to 350 characters only.

The best way to get support to your problem is via email victor@zmvtest.com or via Discord https://discord.gg/fsTGcjVr7b

Please describe your problem/report as best as possible, steps you did, screenshots, etc…

Please make sure that you have installed the game via Google Play Store app or you are running it from Google Play Games app.

Failed To Load Data (@Acesuper2277)

Please try the following:

Open Play Games App -> Top Right Setting menu (3 dots) -> Your Data -> Delete Play Games account & data -> Blastomancer -> Delete (this will permanently delete your game data. Do this only if you have no notable progress in the game)

Go to Phone Settings -> Apps -> Blastomancer -> Storage -> Clear Cache / Clear data

Restart phone

Wait 10 mins…

Open the game. Make sure you give storage permissions to your selected account.

If this didn’t work, please try, in addition to the first steps:

Go to Phone Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Services -> Storage -> Clear cache

Go to Phone Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Services -> Storage -> Manage Storage -> Clear All Data

Go to Phone Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Games -> Storage -> Clear Cache / Clear data


Uninstall the game

Try to launch the game from Play Games app. Open Play Games app, scroll down to Full Games No Installation and launch it from there.

Please update me on your results.

If you still have problems:

Please try with the same account on a different device.

Please try with a different account on the same device.

Please contact me via email or discord, as stated above.

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